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5 + 4 days had past.......

It's already been 9 days since I'd begun my work, 5+4 to be exact, excluding weekends of course. The work was not that hard, only I haven't get used to the environment yet I guess, there no tension or stress at all, only boredom..... (for now).

Still haven't get used to work environment yet, I really missed my school days especially my secondary and diploma days, it really sucks to grow up (really!!), everyday when I wake up, I am hoping that some exciting things/events or anything will happen. The routine that I have now is really boring, it's not that my work is easy but to be frank, I really need some excitement in life (excluding dating and such).

Most of my friends had already returned to their hometown, some of them already started their job and getting on with their life, maybe I'm the only one who doesn't want to grow up just yet, there's still much more I want to do before I can be ready to grow up just like everybody.

So, for those who are still studying and has the title "Student" and living on a "Student Life", cherish that moment as it will go past you really, really fast.

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